Chutney Food

The Chutney is a nationwide Indian fast food chain.

The Chutney offers healthy and inexpensive food for people with a desire for variety and culinary exoticism. The dishes are prepared right in front of the customers in an open kitchen.

Since 2012, we have been working for the Chutney. In addition to a complete redevelopment of the CI and the entire marketing strategy, we put the new website online in 2013 after adaptation and revision.

With the new and revised corporate presentation began the expansion of the Chutney. Today, Chutney is one of the most sought-after gastronomy concepts and is opened in almost every new shopping center construction. The initial Hamburg project is now represented at 21 locations - including two branches in Vienna.

We are responsible for the design of the new gastronomy areas. We are also responsible for the advertising concept and design.

Responsible for CI / logo / branch design / Internet / ads / posters / packaging / franchise documents / food and beverage menus / media and budget planning

  • Store Design

    Store Design

  • Menu Board

    Menu Board

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    Advertising Display

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    Promotional Dishes

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    Promotional Price Signs

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    Photo Shoot

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    Corporate Brochure

  • Store Design

    Store Design

  • Store Design

    Store Design

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